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Mario Bros OC: Dean by MysteryGirls1314
Mario Bros OC: Dean
(MY first male oc and I feel like I'm gonna get a bunch of judgey comments.😧)
Name: Dean
Age: (idk)
Born: August 28th
Parents: (he...lived with yoshis so yea...their sorta his parents)

Siblings: Mario and Luigi (Mario and Luigi don't know that Dean is their bro but I plan to make a comic soon so yea)

Friends: Captain Toad, Toadett, Princess Clover (Erins OC ) and Blood fire.

Personality : He is kind, funny, brave yet sometimes sacred, high jumper, agile and would rather plan things out quick instead of just run into battle...sometimes. He also can sing and play the pan flute. (Like me, lol)

Fears: losing someone he cares about and dying.

Backstory: He is the lost brother of Mario and Luigi but had no idea at first when he was living with the yoshis, when he was a kid and used to live with Mario and Luigi he wandered off into the gloomy woods and got lost but was found by Bubbles (a blue yoshi). Bubbles brought Dean back to the yoshi village and told his friends scorch, Blossom and Paco about Dean and how he found him Blossom (a pink yoshi) said that they should care for Dean and treat him as family, Paco (a yellow yoshi) agreed, Scorch was unsure but agreed. As Dean grew up more and more he became a fast runner and a pretty high jumper! (He can now fly/float like yoshis! Lol) one day scorch decided to tell Dean that he was related to The Mario Bros, Dean didn't believe it at first but scorch told Dean it was true and that when Dean was a kid he always carried in his pocket a picture of Mario and Luigi. Scorch pulled out the picture and showed it to Dean, Dean was surprised! He forgot about his brothers so quickly? Scorch told Dean that someday he should leave the village someday and reunite with his real family.
(This is even longer than the last few things I typed on my phone!!! Holy Crap!!!)
Special thanks to: SooperKewl who made me feel better by telling me that I am not the only girl with a male OC.
HEY GUUUUUYS!!! So a looooooooooooooooong time ago back where I used to live for Christmas I got a Toad (ya know from Mario games?) Anyways I was thinking about like giving him a name instead of just calling him toad ya know? So think of a few names and I (Mysterygirl14) shall choose 4 names I like and then I'll make a voting journal (due to the fact that my friend and I aren't core members) so yea think up a good name post it and I might just choose it!
Stay Fresh and keep on Drawing!~
For Miiv12: Hero marries Villian by MysteryGirls1314
For Miiv12: Hero marries Villian
This has to do with Miiv12 's comment on the picture of her as Dimentio.
frostthecat01 shall be priest 
Chris-ser shall be the best man.
Pearl-and-Poppet flower girls
And AmethystMuse is ring bearer!
Me: and of course this is not a ship.
Erin: *cough* Ship it people *cough* cough* Ship it! *cough*
I have made Miiv into a Villian yay me! by MysteryGirls1314
I have made Miiv into a Villian yay me!
I'm so sorry I SUCK at drawing Dimentios outfit.
Miiv12  I'm not sure if your going to kill me but I regret posting this!
(So Erin and I on DA are like sister's and I thought it would be fun to do this!)
Artistic Mom: musicmusic2016 
Funny Dad:
Funny crazy Brother's  (4):
Loveable and Fun Sisters(4): KekeCatFNAF 
Crazy  cousin's (2): FoxFlameBlade125  
Lazy storytelling  Uncle:
Kind Aunt: MidnightTheUmbreon1 
Friend whos FoxFlameBlade125 girlfriend : RDtheHProductions 
(Comment below which you want to be!)


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Diana Cozzi and Erin Brown
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Diana: Erin comes up with the ideas and sometimes I agree to them but sometimes I also make up ideas and draw them.
Erin: Diana Draws whatever pops into her mind and sometimes their cute ideas or sad ideas or romance related drawings and sometimes make no sense . And if they seem simular to the characters in the first place then that's because we had a lot in common.

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